Posted by: americarocksdude | February 23, 2017

Lets Start With Ignorance, The A Of Opiate Literature.

Welcome to the credits. This is one hell of a story to tell. I am still in the process of deleting evidence, shredding things, shooting things, exploding others. All in a continual race I’ve had with the law enforcement; most strong the last five years. Five years, now looking back it feels like a quarter. A quarter of life, for some it unforgettably is an entire dollar. No one likes dirty loud change, but in this situation id rather accept it than the crisp bill.

The law enforcement is EXTREMELY ignorant, they have TERRIBLE computer security skills, they have TERRIBLE insight and understanding when it comes to the white middle class heroin epidemic that has procured from capitalism and a greed for blood money. They focus on specific open air markets and because of the extremity of the epidemic this leads a rather large opening (at least for the past five years((THANKS DARKWEB!))) ; on the INTERNET.

The humor of my story is profound. For I watched the law enforcement for five years try to shut this blog down, find me, they have followed my trails of blog posts from when I started North Korea, back to Russia, and then running through about 15 other countries (each with better computer security skills than our own adept country), for MOST strongly the past three years.

I had to actually stop using computers and start using raspberry pi’s with mini ubuntu OS (normally Ubuntu minimal mini.iso) I would then preload my long list of scripts and programs which I will eventually list. Given my ability to easily lead law enforcement on long backtracks through international regulations and red tape; it was easy to stay hidden.

I can not yet fully release the actions and sins which this blog has committed, but I can start you on the beginning of opiates, what they are, what it looks like, what it smells like, what you will become.

I want to release this NOW as it is fresh. As humans we are so malleable, something I came to learn quickly. ANYONE can be touched with this charcoal, soot that will always stain your skin, only spreading as you try to wipe it off. I am at 8 days past so the memories are VERY fresh.

In the 1920’s morphine was developed as the ‘cure’ to alcoholism. Everyone may laugh at this, seeing its faulty logic and only deepening problem; yet… they were on to something.

This addiction brewed in many facets, I have been through almost every addiction. I have done almost every drug (including the strange analog differential chemicals which have been leaked in my lifetime.) After everything I will tell you now something so obvious, so duh that you can’t help but revert to the title of this blog (I know fuck off). Heroin and Meth are the two most epidemic plagues that have not even STARTED to destroy our country our children. If you think its bad now, come back and read this in five years(I told you so future people). The numbers are not only going to double but they will expand in such large proportions that news and normality will be baffled by its expansion. I hate to tell you, but this is a game governments have played since the beginning of time. Heroin specifically is the best way to grab and hold a persons soul, they are pathetic and helpless to your cause. They will become your biggest asset, literally selling EVERYTHING and leaving EVERYTHING behind to follow you and your dark carnival. Its sad and I apologize deeply to everyone who I spiraled into insanity. Sorry, but you were a small part of this experiment I wanted to see and fully understand myself. Now back to morphine being the ‘cure’ for alcoholism.

This starts for most of us with alcohol. I am the worst type of alcoholic. I force orgies and wake up in blood backtracking to figure out who’s it is. Eventually I am left alone and drinking morning to night, if I allow it to be my crutch. I am an epitaph of AA. Thus I took the 1920’s solution and began a morphine career, for me it was a much healthier lifestyle than alcohol, even if the shit and blood and vomit was the same. With opiates I had control, with alcohol I did not. I was smart enough to severely limit my drinking and transition to a slow growing opiate addiction.  For me, opiates most likely saved my life. If I was stuck as an alcoholic I would most definitely be dead or have a wet brain by now. They would have found me in the smokey hills of Tennessee, or on skid row; blue and crisp as an untouched pool. That’s how severe alcohol can be for me. The worst example I have personally seen with my own eyes was a native american man who lived down the hall. Eventually the entire apartment building stank so bad the landlord came to help clean him up. He was living covered in shit and vomit, his bathroom a spiral of the combination. Every bag, every box was filled with maggots and cockroaches among the various human spewings. This man lived like this as far as I know for his entire life, waking up covered in shit and vomit; walking across the street for 3 40’s of grain in the morning and 3 right before night. This would be me, had I not traversed my alcoholic tendencies to opiates. Thus as painful as opiates are; I can not help but thank them. They likely saved my life.

We could not have predicted our ability to produce the semisynthetic bupenorpherin. As a semi synthetic this had a rather interesting effect on the heroin trade at the time. Cartels started loosing farmers to the larger cartel of the FDA who had farmers using a different poppy which they created to produce the semisynthetic form of this future miracle drug. Many people lost their lives when this invisible war took place roughly 10 years ago. May they rest in peace, most innocent piscos being paid pennies for their gold. The FDA (remember I mean the entire pharmaceutical enterprise as a whole) bribed these people with the ability to get a fairer share for their product. 15/20 years ago when the Xalisco came , they brought a great peace to this land. They promoted an anti-violent capitalist approach to the trade. They are one of the few reasons people like me can now escape from hell unscathed.

The Xalisco is fascinating and I can not praise them enough. Thank you for bringing this to us in a safe way so we could not only afford, but could find it as consistent and cheap as Walmart, changing addictions from what once were quick spirals to long periods of consistent and manageable life. What society will never understand is that yes, cartels brought the heroin epidemic, but they also made life manageable and safer as an addict in many ways. Honest dealers and consistent quality brought about less OD’s and safer streets as people were able to hold jobs and families; even drowning in addiction. For Heroin is most dangerous to lifestyles when it is not available, that is when it punishes you for not filling yourself with its dangerous lies.


You are standing at the beginning of a tunnel. You see light not far out on the otherside. It is raining where you are, the other side is so bright, calling you toward its warmth. You decide to enter the tunnel and start walking toward its heath. You feel the amazing warmth of the sun drying your wet body and mind as you first enter the tunnel and the exit is still so close, just a few steps to warmth. Yet, the farther you walk into the tunnel, the farther the light becomes. You wipe your eyes confused, now you are soaking wet and in the deep darkness of the tunnel. You start running now between narrowing shadows that only gets darker and darker the further you walk. Eventually you sit down to rest, in complete darkness. You can not see anything around you, nothing but darkness and pain, confusion and helplessness. The more you try to reach the light, the darker it gets; no matter what. If you are lucky, smart, or adaptable you will learn to live in this darkness. You will find a few deceptive hands of help which make the traverse easier. These dark hands only bring the illusion of an exit to an end. They meld you, carving a different form of hopelessness and when its all said and done, you find that there never was an end to the tunnel. It was a dead end; literally. The light was just the reflection of the little hope and life you had when you entered the tunnel. You are now at the dead end in hell, surrounded by devils who all want to torture and take what is yours. The only way to beat them is to join them. In darkness you can only sell shadows. You put on a mask to hide every weakness within. You start searching for the scariest and most demonic demons to join you. For when you sell shadows, people normally are not happy when it disappears in the light. Or their own insecurities drive them to defensive actions against you; assuming you are the devil himself. At this point its hard to destinguish yourself from Satan. In devouring blackness you havn’t seen yourself for years. You have no idea what is going on around you, you start to loose your memory, first the long term, then the short.

After years of the deception and insanity that dancing shadows brings you; you find you are the tunnel. A huge misplacement of earth, your limbs extend empty, your soul just a divot. You are staring down the scope of a sniper; at yourself; pulling the trigger; murdering your soul and personality. Killing your memories and relationships. You may fool yourself with money, if you are smart enough to persist in hell, but it will never fill the void you’re left with after escaping earth. If you are luck enough to turn around and walk back to the rain of life, welcome home.

The world is a sick fucked up place, the internet has not only spread misconception but it has given people disgusting abusive ideas and communities; I have fought the darkweb for a few years now. It was and was not good for local dealerships. See when the darkweb came out, the cops stopped looking at the internet and suddenly a void opened which people like me saw as a perfect opportunity. We hid our actions and messages (including every post on this blog) by hacking your internet, then for me it was easiest to get in through misconfigured webcams, yes…. I saw you sleeping, changing diapers, I saw zoos in japan, slaughter houses in north korea, babysitters and street cameras. All so simple to seep into and create a long trail to deter law enforcement from finding our location. I created multiple raspberry pi’s and hacked countless wifi routers, not only to borrow internet and incriminate someone else, but to take over their network and use it to host many of the posts you see here before you.

Soon I was the #2 website on google for Sacramento, the capital of California, the king state of drugs. Things got really big; really fast. Money was moving through my hands so fast and in such huge amounts I couldn’t help but throw it in the air and watch it rain down on me. I had never seen so much money in my life; let alone HAD it. It put every career, every job I’ve ever had COMBINED to shame.

Blood money, shit money, money gained from lies; cheaters; thieves.

I have a phenomenal collection of fake bills I’ve collected over the years, they were the perfect bait to leave laying around to test peoples honesty. Most of them disappeared. I have had a few guns pulled on me; I was excellent at keeping cool, handing over the drugs, and then telling them to fuck themselves over the phone. Your business and lifestyle is so importance I risked many guns to my back over it. I never lost it. They could persist with the drugs, or they couldn’t without them. That was what they came for.

These are the worst of the worst, the lowest of the low, the people with nothing to loose; willing to risk even their lives for one gram.

I can not deluge anything about my identity besides my age and skin color. At this point it is still too dangerous. And we still live in an ignorant society. One which views heroin addicts (even recovered ones) as the undesirables.

If you know someone who has been through heroin or any opiate addiction and BEATEN it, even if it took the end of the tunnel and homelessness to produce, you should praise them. They should be thrown a parade of honor, for they have beaten an impossible configuration of chess pieces perfectly aligned to checkmate them at every move. Should you find one of us undesirables, I suggest you listen and throw out every conception of addiction you have developed in your mind. Yes, it all comes out sounding the same in the end, but it is a vast sea of knowledge, strength and perseverance. These people have survived and thrived, they have been down hell’s elevator and found a way to surface. Its really quite exceptional.

There is nothing pretty here. There is nothing fun. There is nothing progressive. There is no hope. There is no help. If you surface you must still live in the rain of earth. The tunnel at least protected you from the rain of life. Without the tunnel, your still in the rain, but at least your not in angst running through the tunnel of hell, chasing a slowly swirling flicker of light that fades out and always dies. Even on top, your still standing in the dark dampness.

I hope this gives you a slightly different perspective of what it feels like. I hope this gives you a slightly different view of the survivors around you. Look back on my own darkness at times, I was insane, I had lost all hope, I had accepted my satanhood. There is no hell worst than life on heroin. period. If someone comes shaking a bag of black buttons, know they just want everything you own, your family, friends, memories, personality, job, hobbies, vision, hearing, emotions, even the life from your skin fades. Your a ghost among others, trying to get pictures and stories out of your head, but they are so sinister, so troubling and convulsive, that you produce toxic shame just knowing the hell that can be. When you meet Satan, he shares his pain, but it just inflicts you with memories. Memories you can inflict like a virus upon others, or keep to yourself. The things we see, hear, feel and experience are far worst than the entire darkweb combined. If you want to experience a true ghost story, pick up a foil or syringe, watch yourself slowly fade away from the world. Statistically you will never come back.

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