Posted by: americarocksdude | February 17, 2017

The Beginning Of The End

  1. Something is similar in all of us strictly opiate abusers. We all have the same snakey tendencies, we like short cuts, we are looking for an easy way, we feel entitled, we are normally overly creative and/or smart, but we come from all walks of life.
  2. Recognize how much time has gone by, be astounded. Yesterday it was ten years ago, now here you are trying to clean up a ten year mess.
  3. Know that its not easy, neither was your addiction, but this is most certainly going to be easier without it
  4. Find a support group. I highly suggest AA. I have never been an NA fan. But I have never given it a full fair chance and judge it based on a small number of meetings I attended in specific areas. Personally I found NA to be more convict side/ bad to the bone attendees. AA people had messes and mistakes similar to my own situation. Also I am a severe alcoholic which is why I turned to opiates originally. Thus the same bug haunts us with any substance, this MUST be recognized. This includes unproductive activity such as old spots, people and activities.
  5. Reach out for help, someone will likely reach back if you just open up.
  6. Once the fog clears get yourself into an initial cycle
  7. Always progress and remember the bad not the good; it only gets worst

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