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This is a hard subject to talk about, but an important one. Bluelight and many other blogs have tons of misconceptions about how to go about getting out of the lifestyle. I will share with you a few secrets, and give you the most honest and straight answer I can while still staying open to the truth that everyone is different, and not one way works for everyone.

First, are you really done? Do opiates disgust you? Are you sick of the lifestyle? Are you so sick you don’t want to leave your house, your disgusted with yourself, your house, your life, EVERYTHING. This seems to be the most important factor in quitting. YOU.

ARE YOU READY? If so continue.

  1. Telling your family may not be the best option. Remember, this is a disease yes, but not everyone still views it that way (few actually do). There is something physiologically wrong with you that the drug is compensating for. This may not be a biological problem, it could be a social one. Many people start on opiates because norcos “made them feel like they were themselves”. Think of why you started, you need to identify the core before you can continue, what is it that made you start.
  2. After you Identify what it is you were compensating for, realize that there is very likely other solutions for the problem. BUT, you need to get off opiates before you can dial in and fix the problem that started your use in the first place. Be careful not to tell yourself “I started using because Joe got me hooked”, yes, sometimes addictions can occur because of hanging out with the wrong person at the wrong time, but there is a reason why you hung around Joe. A normal person would have told him to get out of their life.
  3. INPATIENT IS LIKELY NOT THE SOLUTION!!!!!! As a matter of fact, most people will tell you it is the only solution. But when you remove the drug which was helpful to some degree, you leave the void. I will say this now under much scrutiny. We were taught that we could “be anything we wanted”. We grew up in a quick fix society, “video games and the serotonin release”, “misdiagnoses that put a quick buck in the FDA or pharmaceutical pocket.” Our generation was not ready for the spread of social media, technology, overwhelming change of industry, and overseas outsourcing of jobs. Much of this lead us to a new generation with no path or clue of how to live or develop. College Degrees may as well be toilet paper today, things have COMPLETELY changed. I wont say for the worst, but our society was not prepared for the changes. Do not feel alone if you are lost in the overwhelming world of today. We are all lost, technology has been as helpful as it has been hurtful. The FDA which I will use as a general term for the whole Pharmaceutical industry THRIVED on this confusion. It cashed in on our lack of ability to evolve with the times. They want you to stay on drugs. Thats how they make money. Even street drugs, but I wont get into that.IF YOU GO TO INPATIENT YOU ARE FALLING RIGHT INTO THE FDA and their hands.
  4. Outpatient is also not the solution. I say this with my fingers crossed behind my back. What I mean to say is daily dosing, forced outpatient  to receive medication is not the solution. You are again feeding the big beast of the FDA. You are allowing them to drug you up so that you can be right back where you started when they kick you out. These programs are setup so that you have no control, they FORCE your dose (which is insanely high), so that you will be twice the addict when you stop dosing.


Here is the only solution. I know, it sucks. You have two options and two options only. One, you can go to AA/NA and use the 12 step, BUT the second you stop going to meetings and get out of the program you are again extremely likely to relapse. Still many people find this as a solution and do meetings for the rest of their life. There is nothing wrong with that. Remember everyone is different. Some people go to meetings for a year, and never use again. Some people go to one meeting and never use again. If that is you, why are you reading this? lol


There is only one way to quit for good, with no W/D. It is a secret they don’t want you to know. But here it is. Screw the FDA. I have written about this before but can not stress it enough.

You have to be ready, you have to want it.

Take bupe for four days. Basically as much as you want but no more than four pills a day SL. You can use opiates on the first day only. On the fourth day stop. The HL of the bupe will carry you through all the W/D; while not allowing you to get hooked on the bupe. You then must immediately use a CBT approach. Replace your addiction with  something, anything. Writing, art, computer engineering, cleaning your house, working, anything. But, everytime you get any sort of craving immediately replace the thought with “I NEED TO CLEAN SO BAD”, “I NEED TO WRITE SO BAD”, “I NEED TO SHOWER SO BAD”. The thought must be replaced and DO NOT DWINDLE ON A CRAVING. That will be your downfall. IMMEDIATELY REPLACE YOUR THOUGHT WITH SOMETHING ELSE AND IMMEDIATELY DO IT.

I encourage you to start going back out into the world and find friends, support, help, psychiatry, therapy, anything helpful. You are going to find a million websites that will tell you a million different solutions but none of them are true. This is the only way to quit with no WD. DXM is also a method but not one I will go into here as it is very complicated.

If you comment with your email, tell me a little about yourself and where you are at I can give you some suggestions on ways to encourage your change. Do not get on methadone, and DO NOT get hooked on bupe. You will continue to circle addiction like a ring. Also, do not let AA/NA convince you that it is the ONLY solution. As I stated in the beginning, there are so many different ways, everyone is different, and everyone must find their own way. This is how to quit with no WD, after day four its all on you. Go get em!

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