Posted by: americarocksdude | August 16, 2016

24 HOUR Live Chat Support for Opiate Addiction now active on IRC channel #Opiateidiot


I am pleased to announce a new service available to you all today! It is a live 24/7 chat room on the IRC server with the chatroom name #Opiateidiot. If you have never used IRC before first you need to get an IRC program such as HexChat. Once you download an IRC program connect to the server using one of their three servers addressed ( 6667 / 6697 SSL – IPV4 ONLY ) ( 6667 / 6697 SSL – IPV4 ONLY ) ( 6667 / 6697 SSL – IPV4 & IPV6)

After you connect to one of the three servers you then need to pick a nickname by doing “/nick NickName

you can then proceed to register your nickname with

/msg nickserv register password email@address

If you register a nickname you can login later using

/msg nickserv identify password

After you are connected with a nick connect to our channel by sending

“/join #opiateidiot”

You will then be connected and able to chat, due to the nature of IRC and lack of support at this time it may take some time to receive a response. Send your comment and or questions and then leave the chat program open so you are able to get and respond to the current live support. We are willing to help with any problems, situations, give advice and or support and help you with anything you need! It doesn’t even have to involve addiction or opiates! Come and just hang out to chat with us and tell us stories! We love to hear from you so connect today! Tell your friends and help spread the Opiate Idiot to the masses!


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