Posted by: americarocksdude | April 1, 2016

24 Hour Non Judgmental Opiate Help Line

This is a proposal for a 24 hour completely discrete Help Line for various Opiate related uses. The primary focus of the help line will be helping people connect to local rehabs or maintenance  centers in their area. The line will also provide the location of Needle Exchanges, and free medical services. The line will secondly be a fact and advice line for people who are looking for more information about opiates at any degree.

This could be a worried mother wondering if her middle school child is on drugs

A Traveling couple is sick as shit and needs syringes, rather than rolling around the hood possibly procuring a dirty needle they could call and be connected with an exchange address or the legislature of their right to buy syringes at drug stores.

A mother recently got hooked on heroin and her boyfriend left her alone with her kid. Being completely new to this whole world and scared she has no one to talk to about what is going on and what her options are.

A young girl recently got an opiate addiction from her ex-boyfriend and is left in shambles after he leaves with her sick and desperate to get out of the situation. She has no other friends or family she can turn to for even advice or information about if the opiate addiction is bad for her health. This young girl could be shooting up leaving huge scars all over her arms because she has no knowledge of iv care.

An elderly man is addicted to opiates after his doctor prescribes them to him for a temporary pain problem. His medical insurance company has now labeled him a drug addict and will not give him complete care because of the implications this tag brings on. His wife died 2 years ago and he has no one left to help him know his rights or options.

An elderly woman is worried about her husband who was recently prescribed opiates and is now sick as hell trying to get off of them. The doctor never warned them this kind of sickness would or could occur and they are completely caught off guard at an odd hour of the night when their health care provider is unable to respond. Who can they call to find out what is wrong and how to alleviate it?

These are real recollections of people who have contacted me in certain situations wondering where they could turn. Because of the extreme mass of traffic this blog produces and the immense interest in the topic and addiction we find ourselves in need of a Social Service. This 24 hour phone line I propose will be completely nonjudgmental and nondiscriminatory allowing people from all races creeds and ages to feel the love provided from our service. The phone line will be funded using government grant money which is currently being offered by the Federal Government for Addiction Programs similar to this help line system. The business will be run as a nonprofit with numerous live phone systems at our business center in Downtown Sacramento.

Please help this plan become a reality. If you are a lawyer, nonprofit guru, business entrepreneur please contact me if you are interested in starting this nonprofit. I need everyone and everything I can to help this become a reality so we can help our brothers and sisters in need! You know what.. Even if you don’t know how to do shit but you want to help hit me up. We may eventually need you to help man the phones, possibly for webcast help which this could evolve into. Don’t spend another day sitting on the couch Oh Woeing me. Join me and lets help educate the masses about what this disease is and how it effects the lives of the addicts and those around them.



Post a comment with your contact info if you are interested, as always comments will not be able to be seen by anyone but me!


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