Posted by: americarocksdude | June 21, 2015

How To Not Piss Your Dealer Off

I am writing this because it has come to my attention that 90% of people lack common sense when buying drugs and need a short lesson. Here are some Don’ts..

Don’t wait in front of a business

Don’t flash or hold money up

Don’t yell, shout, or drug talk

Don’t complain about the size of your dime or dub unless a specific amount was agreed upon before dealing (these are at dealers discretion ((it sucks but that’s how it is)) unless you state what your expecting )

Don’t complain about .00s !!!! (Unless it’s consistent)

Don’t be a dick! If you kindly address problems you will be re addressed kindly

Don’t come unannounced

Don’t ask for fronts unless you can pay them back at the time you promise

Don’t ask for fronts if the dealer doesn’t front

Don’t repeatibly call or text

Don’t expect them to always be there for you (they have a life too)

DONT THINK THEY ARE YOUR BUDDY (unless you have known them a long time like 4 years or more)

Dont act like they are your friend!

Don’t ask for favors

Don’t you dare bitch about how much money you spend

Don’t get sick or throw up in front of their spot


Don’t give their number out without permission

Don’t Narc!!!!

And now the DOs

Do introduce your friends with their permission

Do have your money ready

Do be honest and respect their rules

Do be quiet, sneaky and respectful

Do have the correct money

Do ask before hand if you need change

Do bring to their attention if quality has changed in a NICE way

Do kindly inform them if weight is off in a substantial amount or consistently

Do show up on time

Do the Dew

I will add to this list! Comment your own Dos and Donts!


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