Posted by: americarocksdude | February 20, 2014

Surfer — A Web Searching Ruby Program

Hello World!

I am about to begin on a new ruby project which will be utilized in console for the purpose of searching and saving information on webpages. Here is the basic concept of my program.

The user enters a website to search, followed by a word (or words) to search for.

For each word(s) found a portion of padding around the object will be written into a text file named … site + “-” + idea + “.txt” . I have yet to decide if this program will be verbose(that is, SHOW what it is saving, or not.. as of now im going with not)

One problem I am expecting to encounter will be the “padding” size. Should I write the entire paragraph the term is found it? This is something I will have to decide once my output is received and I have the ability to look at how the results are coming out.

This is a very very simple structure and thus I am going to add a few features after the initial program is created to add some functionality and possibly even accept regex!!!

I will be sure to upload my code as soon as I am finished, If you have any ideas or thoughts PLEASE comment!




  1. sounds like httrack–check it out

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