Posted by: americarocksdude | February 11, 2014

Simple Ruby Program Ideas

Hello Fellow People Of the Ruby Empire.

Here are some ideas for some very simple ruby programs that can be made immediately after if not during your ventures into the beginning ruby tutorials such as….          **** THIS SITE IS EXTREMELY SUGGESTED LEARNING MATERIAL!!              ** VERY FUN!


At some point you may think to yourself  OK !!! I GET IT!!! The syntax makes sense, but that the hell can I do with this. How can I use this in my life?

Here are some ideas for a few programs you are made all by your little lonesome. If you have any questions about how to get started, or problems with parts of them or ideas of your own, PLEASE post and let me know!!!! Thank you kindly for your time!

I would suggest doing these in a text document and running them from a terminal. But do as you please, just no IDE questions please.

1. Develop a generic menu  (this menu will be used in the remainder of your projects)

2. A simple calculator

3. A text based adventure (try using classes, arrays for inventory, if/else, and loops for combat)

4. A guitar player database and song writing program (title, lyrics, chords // song title, tab link ) – Save each separately to a file!

5. Think of a scenario in your life that could use a little organization and database it!

6. extra credit !! Check out gtk for ruby and create a “secret message” gui. Have button that when pressed displays a secret message to the console!


Have fun and let me know if anyone needs help!


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