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Tomorrow this website is scripted to erupt. Peace! 

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This website will self destruct in 7 days!!!!

Last chance to read some crazy shit.

this blog will be continued in a series of books I will soon publish starting with ‘Tiger’ under a pen name starting with Fox. Next Saturday this website is programmed to self destruct. Thank you all for your immense participation and support through the years! You rock! If you want to stay connected leave an email, I will send you updates

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Avoid mainstream and black/white thinking

America is in a state of decline. I am not saying this is the fall of Rome; yet it could be if we follow course.

the news is uncongruent and only covers politically relevant stale information with normally half of the story.

social media has become a constant flex of bullying and pushing down others who don’t agree.

Lets just avoid talking about trump and the  federal government too deeply for now.

Life and the world is not white or black. As a matter of fact some of our strongest thinkers and scientists were chastised during their life; their brilliance only revealed years later. Just because someone says something you don’t agree with does not make them stupid or wrong; no one is perfect; everyone makes mistakes; people change and learn from their mistakes (we hope).

I challenge you to not think in black or white. If someone says something that angers you; rather than pointing a finger; look inside yourself for where the anger is coming from.

Stop putting people down without giving them a chance; this included trump; although it’s obvious he is hard to swallow; he is ‘unfortionetly our president’. If you live in this country he is your president; unless you move out of the country; so stop pretending your above the rule of law; hating the president is (hip) so fucked!

I was worried about the Millenials but now I am more worried about Generation Y. Growing up on Jerry springer and seeing it is ok to just say ftw and not try to spur positive change; like the old saying; you are drinking poison hoping trump will die.

if you do not agree with what Trump is doing (I am included in this but not EVERYTHING he has done); spur positive change; form positive relationships. Spread love and not hate. Hate is separating this country from its heart, without being united we can not prosper as America.

It is time to work together; be yourself; think for yourself; read everything with an open mind; look at your own motivations and understand their roots; acknowledge that cyber bullying will not change opionions (more likely they will just spread more hate). We are a people who have come so far in the ideal of freedom and capitalist opportunity. If someone is threatening this cause; tackle it in a positive way; not hate monger!

What I am seeing more and more are people who are just following trend in thinking with utter disrespect for any other view. Remember you can’t learn when your talking; open an ear and listen to all sides before deciding. Construct your own ideas and live your own life with your own understanding of it. Take back your mind!

Remeber your social media is your world. If someone hates on you; block them. That’s your right; don’t let them win by you deleting your account. This is your world; your opinion; your perspective. If your world clashes with the norm; we need you even more. Fuck popular opinion; it never drastically changed history to follow rules.

Only those who anger others and make them think change perspectives; do you.

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My blown out veins – aftermath of IV – bupe taper info

This is important so I figured I would share as it may hopefully deter a person or two from IV. 

For me as I have said previously IV actually really helped me get out of the looping mindset of use and allowed me to do a shot; wait 6 hours and read/do whatever with strong concentration. This is not something I ever could manage smoking; my mind was always racing about hitting those black snails on silver shiney whales. That being said…

I now have literally collapsed my veins. I went to the er yesterday for an unrelated issue; three people couldn’t draw blood. Being the badass I am I asked if i could draw my own blood; obviously this was not well received haha. I had to wait for a specific nurse or phlebotomist who was allowed to hit my neck which luckily I wasn’t stupid enough to fuck with. Thank god it wasn’t an OD altough naloxone is muscled; they still need to set a line for post treatment.

So yeah there I am at the er with a line in my neck which next day I still have a sore ass neck.

I have two blood tests at quest required. I have gone twice they are yet to draw blood. I asked er to mail them my blood; obviously I was joking. 

So yes, it made my mind manageable in addiction but I destroyed my body. So let’s look back at my mistakes so you do not have to make them.

#1 I would use needles repetitively 

#2 I never cleaned my skin with alcohol before shooting (this is a big one and the primary cause of bacterial infections and those fun exploding abscesses) 

#3 I fished a lot (stick a needle in and jiggle it around trying to pierce the rubber band veins that would just bounce around)

#4 I never used triple antibiotic butttt remember! Antibiotics can not be taken forever. You will eventually develop either an immunity or allergy to the antibiotic. I am allergic to penicillin thus my antibiotic choice is limited already. Careful not to develop IM and AG to AB! 

#5 I waited way too long to go to the doctor 

#6 I’m going to tell you something your not supposed to know but use this information correctly! Do not hit the vein that runs down the left side of your pointer down to the wrist. Avoid it!!!!! 

#7 I never saved a vein. This is advice most addicts will give you. Save a vein. Your life could depend on it!

If you are an addict with IV scars I will tell you that you will be much better received if you have a sense of humor and laugh about your stupidity. Be personable and extremely thankful; apologize for the trouble and be thankful again I can not stress it enough! You will be much better received if you are a nice ‘happy’ persona. No one likes a sour pus! 

Okkie now that that’s covered I will explain the best way to taper bupe.

If you are at a bupe clinic still do not take my advice; ask your dr and work with them. I am only announcing this as some assholes (KAISER) still treats addicts like dumb children with behavior problems. If you get kicked out of a bupe program; fuck I’m sorry but it could be for  the best. Blue shield; anthem cross… any medi-cal program beside kaiser (fuck you nazi motherfuckers) can land you a bupe program with literally no restrictions. These places are hard to find and far between currently. Hopefully blogs like this can help change perspectives and minds about addiction; giving us more opportunity and enlightening doctors about how they can help this epidemic. By the way; the heroin flower of America is no where near blooming. I will tell you right now; the next 10 years will be the largest rise consecutively in opiate abuse history. The problem is going to be so large the country will be shocked by the numbers (the numbers now will only multiply exponentially). Guess what retards there is a simple solution but your so dumb you limit the doctors ability to prescribe it because of cultural and historic stereotypes of addiction. 

I agree that it takes someone completely ready to actually quit. It is what it is. I can say with 90% confidence that I have a serotonin deficiency; my body is totally out of wack when I am not on an opiate. Yet opiates are not enough, I have mental shit going on that has to be conquered alongside opiate treatment to be successful and stable. Remove the opiates  even on pychs and I am not stable health wise. Opiates without psyches and I am spinning like a top. It’s wierd. 

I’m pretty unique mentally but I figured I could share this as I know some people must be in my situation or could be in the future. I don’t believe that whole I’m one of a kind bullshit. I believe there is a looping pattern of not only history but personality experience and soul. 

Sorry, the K-word gets me all worked up. Hahahahahaha don’t support them! If you have kaiser and are not an addict you can help us by changing your insurance plan. Kaiser needs to be stopped. You are a name; not a number. 

Ok back to subject. Bupe taper is different because it is so powerful and has a long HL like methadone. Because of these two factors you must stagger your reductions. For example….

24 – 22 – 24 – 22 – 24 – 22 – 20 – 22 – 20 – 22 – 20 – 22 – 20 – 18

This is the best suggestion I can give to minimize your pain if you are kicked out of a bupe program because you had work or school (fuck you kaiser).

As always you are welcome to comment; all comments are only visible to me! 

Much love and fuck kaiser 

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This could be the last chance to get medical

Medi-cal is possibly going to be shut down to low income and rather focus on age in estimated 2 years.

If you are a junkie you are god blessed if you have medi-cal. There is no better insurance. People who pay 2k a month can not get insurance as good.

They cover bupe and methadone 

You can go to ANY ER and be covered!

(This might save your life)

They do get you the best located doctor for your location.

If you want something not covered or need it; all your primary has to do is submit a letter. (A bit of finger crossing is required but no where near as much as private insurance.)
I highly suggest you get on this as previous insurees will not be booted. If you miss this opportunity you will not have the ability to hit detox, get mental health and get on with your life.

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Tahoe I honestly can not tell you. Your best bet in my eyes would be copping in Sacramento or stockton and buy large to make the drive worth it and minimize back and forth. You can get a half for 5-600$. Tahoe has always been more of an upper area as Nevada has always been. Oh here is an idea. I went to an AA acypaa event in Tahoe longgggg time ago. I remember the Truckee kids having access and availibility. 

But I still highly advise you to just make 1 monthly drive to transitions. 150$ cash month of bupes. It’s a new way of collecting drs to raise attendance counts. I talk about it in the past; la sf and sac are the only three places I’ve seen drs using this loophole. Since your so close fuck it take the cheap easy way out. Google transitions Sacramento.
Sacramento dude; same shit applies especially to you!

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The punch line of this blog

I am making money off you visiting my site. See them advertisements at the bottom? Every addict that flops here pays my bills. All I had to do was create a blog to target you and boom I get paid. This blog gets so much traffic it scares the shit out of me sometimes. Really not trying to be that dude on national news who called himself an idiot and rolled with it. 

So for the record… no you can not buy drugs here… I am not an active addict. LE please stop taking my registration down on NS’s!

 This is now a reflective blog proponenting healthy sober lifestyle choices. Opiates are literally so easy to beat; blame the FDA and strict drug regulations if you have not found the cure. 

Guns been shot at me; the pussies just give you fake money. No one in active addiction is your friend. Dog eat dog and all that. I continue this blog only in hopes of giving back what I took away. 

If you need help; if you want some answers; or if you just want some truth.

Comments are only visible to me(even wp can not see them). Don’t be scared; you paid my bills so I will help you pay yours. Just reach out to me; you’ll be doing yourself and me a favor; I have a lot of bad karma to shed. 

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And you thought drugs were bad here…

Every 15 sec a child in MUMBAI dies (used to be called Bombay). Every 5 min a child leaves the rail system on their own (after running away). These children are then subjected to abuse of all forms, and many are targeted by dealers the moment they leave the rail. Heroin, huffing, marijuana, alcohol, these kids are 4-17 and not ready for the harsh city. They escape terrible situations only to find themselves in a bigger hole. Luckily railway children (a U.K. Based project) is setting up children run away booths at stations and attempting to reconnect the kids with either the family or a better home if they are receptive to it. Many do not trust adults; because of their abuse; they must be approached by other runaway children to even trust the system. It’s a sad story heard around the world. 

We live in a time of advanced technology and understanding. No one should be hungry; no one should feel hopeless; no one should be preyed upon.

One thing I never supported (and one of the reasons I dove into the deep end) was to help and understand addiction, hopelessness and abuse. Hopelessness I par, helping is hard, abuse is a beast. People must be receptive to receive help. What I have found most difficult about helping others is altered states of perception. Children are most vulnerable to altered states as they do not have a set view of the world engraved in their minds. Once they are abused enough times; abuse becomes the norm; pain envelopes their world; no other lifestyle or hope is foreseeable; they give up mentally. 

I am a proponent of mandatory child therapy in all corners of the world. I believe the best way to help the world is to focus on the future (children), who will soon be the leaders, workers and wrought. Children should be the keystone of our development in most importantly the shadows of the world. The internet has screwed up many a young mind in America(remember the unregulated early internet; that was the true darkweb)

If you feel like a part of you is missing; that’s because it is. You are not who you are supposed to be. You have likely forgotten your history and family which as we believe all came from Africa. These are indirectly your children being abused. 

Try giving a fuck? 

Try selling one or two things you can live without to donate? 

Try watching YouTube videos about the railway children; consider your own hardships.

We live in a fork; two directions one choice. If you are still struggling with opiates; I literally have solved the conundrum. Just ask me how I did it or how to do it yourself; it’s so easy I hate myself for taking so long to find the game genie. 

This blog is only still up for you. If you are struggling or found this blog looking for drugs it’s your lucky day.

You found the person who did more than McCulkan and found the easy way out. So easy it’s a joke. Join the club.

If you are now sober; take my words above to heart. Being sober is not enough. YouTube and the DW has enlightened our nodes. People with bad intent have shone light on the shadows around us. 

It’s up to us; the sane United States of entitlement; to help others as we were helped. We are meant to share our wealth with the world; our knowledge and experience is meant to guide our morals. Share motherfuckers or I’ll make you.

Just kidding but seriously; watch this video and consider your thinking. Cleansing thought is the 2nd step of recovery. I am not an AA or NA proponent; although I acknowledge the help and sincerity of the programs. I am not a counselor or fraud. It took me about 15 years to solve the opiate idiot. I wish I started this endeavor earlier but WordPress is new yadda. 

Moral of the story; purpose of life= help yourself so you can help others; in whatever capacity you are able. Stop listening to binaural beats and trying to open your third eye. Enlightenment will still give you the same answer…

“The cosmic giggle” YouTube 

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How to fuck with the neighbors kids (and San Mateo)

I’ve been noticing doing BT scans of pi’s I have setup all over my area that more and more children’s toys have unlocked blue tooth components that don’t turn off. This allows you to use the functions of the toys over your BT network i.e. Microphones and even cameras. I also have noticed a new very simple hack for xfinity who is using people’s routers as public hotspots (assholes)! When you connect to their hotspot you have access to the internal network. Wondering if xfinity admits this in small print or not. Xfinity seems to be using the router as a double wifi signal on sometimes 2 different channels. This masks the action in neighborhoods where it just looks like a public point. 

San Mateo dude, thank you.

I remember it being a shitty hotel where I met the piscos. You are in a rather conservative city of CA. Beside the obvious sf, Oakland, Berkeley the rest of the bay is actually very conservative in view of drugs. This is because they are Silicon Valley wealth commuting so their family can live and grow in a safe place. Obviously drugs are still everywhere. I would advise you to look for your nearest needle exchange. Or bupe drs or methadone clinics. A large part of success in this awful venture is connections. The more connections you have the more useful and… well you are. This is a health game. If you run out of shit you’ll be fucked and not able to get it so the timer is always ticking on withdrawl and you always gotta stay ahead of it. It’s like running from your shadow, there are easier ways. We live in times of free gov opiates for addicts. Thank god.

I am always open to questions and your comments are never visible to anyone but me. Garenteed 

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Your Last Chance To Read This Is Now

In a still continual race with LE and IR I will be doing them the favor of killing this site soon. I am still the one who never got caught. The one who saw the past, present and future and choose to live NOW. I highly suggest you take my advise in the latter of this blog and not the vin. There is a lot of pain and hell here. Endless confusion, countless perils, lines of enemies. Yes, everything they said about opiates is true and yet not.

Everyone has a different journey through opiates. Everyone has different lows, bottoms and peaks. I believe the reason I did not have to bottom out to quit is because I acknowledged my place in line and paid with claws teeth and blood my addiction. Its like I suddenly decided one day somewhere five years in the past to just give in and fast forward the rest of my addiction.

This blog actually helped visualize and recount my nightmares in hell. It helped me to fast forward through my addiction to a degree I could never imagine. It chewed me up and spit me out right here, right now.

You do not have to experience any of this.

Just avoid orange cylinders and black buttons. At all costs.

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